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Beverley's Photo-Fix is not liable for any lost or stolen photographs or other related materials in route to us or in route back to the client.

Beverley's Photo-Fix respects your privacy and we will not give permission for any of your images/materials to used by others. No photographs and/or personal materials will be circulated.

Unless otherwise discussed/specified and agreed to in a personal contractual agreement, all created photographs and rights to enlargement and reprints will remain the property of Beverley's Photo-Fix.

All original photographs will be returned to client with the completed photographs after full payment is received.

No copyrighted photos will be altered without expressed written permission from the content creator/developer/owner.

All restored and/or enhanced photographs can be emailed to clients for approval prior to final printing, to determine if the restoration work is adequate. All restored color photographs can also be reproduced in either black & white, or sepia.

Photo restoration pricing is dependent on the amount of time estimated to restore the photograph and varies with the amount of damage.

Price are in Canadian funds. Price ranges listed are the average for that category and are quotes only. The final price may be higher or lower than what is listed. A final price can be provided to you for approval before any work is done. A deposit of 50% will be required on orders totaling over $200.

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