Welcome to C.J.McFaul's Restaurant
and Tap, situated in the heart of the
Ottawa Valley, in beautiful downtown

Come and experience the finest in
Casual Dining, in a warm and friendly
atmosphere. Our outdoor summer patio
is available for your dining comfort.

Baked Escargots
Tender escargots sautéed with sliced mushrooms in brandied garlic butter. Smothered in rich melted mozzarella and cheddar mixture.

Sautéed Shrimp
Juicy Jumbo tiger shrimp sautéed in lemon garlic butter and topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese and then oven baked.

Smoked Salmon
Delectable smoked salmon rosettes served atop crisp greens and traditionally garnished with red onion ring, capers and our own CJ's horseradish sauce.

Fresh Belgium garlic toast slathered with marinated tomatoes, onion and black olives. This herbed mixture is topped with crumbled feta and a mozzarella, cheddar mixture. It is oven baked to perfection.

CJ's Cajun Chicken Spears
* Signature Dish

Golden deep-fried Cajun breaded chicken spears. Accompanied by a generous portion of CJ's garlic dill sauce. This is one appetizer that will surely tempt your taste.

Shrimp Cocktail
Jumbo tiger shrimp served on a bed of chilled greens and accompanied
by our house zesty seafood sauce.

House Salad
Mixed greens topped with crisp cucumbers, fresh tomato wedges, shredded carrot and red onion rings.

Greek Salad
Marinated diced cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and red onions on a
bed of mixed greens topped with black olives.

Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine lettuce tossed with bacon bits, herbed croutons in our house Caesar dressing.

Chef Salad
CJ's house salad with grated cheese diced boiled egg and sliced
chicken breast.

Soup du jour
Ask your server for today's selection

Seafood Chowder
Thick creamy chowder made with generous portions of scallops,
shrimp and crab.

French Onion Soup
CJ's homemade French onion soup baked with herbed croutons and
rich Swiss cheese.


About your Steak

Every day here at C.J.'s we bring you a very special custom aged Ontario "AAA"beef. We serve an excellent Angus/Limousine bred beef. The corn-fed beef is raised on a small plant in Norwich, Ontario. The meat is very lean & full of flavour like you have never experienced before.

Rare ...................

Very red,cool center

Medium Rare .... Red, warm center
Medium ............. Pink center
Medium Well ..... Slightly broiled pink center throughout
Well .................... No pink

New York Striploin 12 oz
This "AAA" Prime cut has a full-bodied texture that is slightly firmer
than a ribeye.

Rib Steak 10 oz
Lots of "AAA" marbling, deliciously juicy. Best enjoyed medium rare!

Tenderloin 6 oz
This tender cut is allowing you the extra room for a portion of our fantastic dessert

T-Bone 14 oz
This masterpiece combines the rich flavour of striploin with a
tenderness of a fillet

C.J.'s Surf & Turf Sampler
Sure to become a local favourite. Accompanying the succulent tenderloin are three scrumptious scallops and three garlic basted shrimp! Sounds great doesn't it? Please feel free to finish off this dish with one of our famous homemade desserts! Mmmm, enjoy!

To enhance your steak experience ...

  • Sauteed mushrooms

  • Caramelized onions

  • Lobster Tail

Chicken Cordon Bleu
Lightly breaded chicken breast infused with black forest ham and
rich Swiss cheese. Napped with a creamy white wine tarragon
mushroom sauce.

Chicken Kiscadee
Tender 6oz chicken breast stuffed with mouth watering Canadian bacon, sun dried tomatoes and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Breaded and oven baked till golden brown. Drizzled with C.J.'s creamy Alfredo sauce.
* Signature Dish

Pancetta Asiago Chicken
Tender 6oz chicken breast stuffed with rich asiago cheese and generously wrapped in mouth watering pancetta. Finished in a smooth white wine mushroom cream sauce.

Chicken and Ribs
Quarter rack of beef back ribs seasoned and charbroiled to perfection with C.J.'s sweet tangy rib sauce accompanied by a quarter
barbecued chicken.
* Signature Dish


Salmon Florentine
Moist salmon loins poached in herbed white wine and smothered with a rich Swiss spinach cream sauce served atop C.J.'s herbed rice pilaf.

Shrimp & Scallop Platter
Golden deep fried bacon wrapped scallops and coconut shrimp served atop rice pilaf accompanied by C.J.'s seafood sauce.

Mussels & Scallops
Newfoundland blue mussels and golden sautéed scallop medallions tossed and served in a mouth watering white wine cream sauce.
* Signature Dish

Crab & Lobster Platter
Succulent snow crab legs and a tender 4oz lobster tail served atop rice pilaf and accompanied the traditional lemon garlic butter.

Bacon Cheddar Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin stuffed with mouth watering bacon and cheddar cheese, oven roasted to perfection. Generously smothered with a creamy mushroom sauce.
* Signature Dish

Pork Schnitzel
This dish is a "Valley favourite". Crispy golden breaded pork tenderloin topped with your choice of zesty lemon garlic butter or mushroom cream sauce or our own tomato sauce and cheddar cheese.

Seafood Linguini
This dish is favourite mixture of jumbo scallops, shrimp and crab garnished with Newfoundland blue mussels with your choice of Marinara or Alfredo sauce.

Fettuccini Alfredo
Fettuccine tossed with fresh Alfredo sauce.

To enhance this dish add:

  • Chicken
  • Shrimp
  • Primavera

Chicken Thai
Grilled strips of chicken breast sautéed with julienne vegetables in a mouth watering Thai sauce. Served on a bed of vermicelli rice noodles.
* Signature Dish

Aphrodite's Angel Hair Pasta
A loving array of marinated tomatoes, black olives, onion and Feta cheese tossed in garlic herbed extra virgin olive oil.
* Signature Dish

C.J.'s Polo Penne
A favourable mixture of bacon, mushrooms, peppers and grilled chicken slices tossed with penne in C.J.'s blush sauce. This dish is one of the Chef's personal favourites.

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