In Style Consignment Fashions

Consignment Agreement

 Name: _____________________________ Client # :_______________________

 Address: ___________________________  Phone # :(H)____________________

                  ___________________________                (W)____________________  

                         Postal Code:________________________    

                              In Date: ___________________                   

                                                                       Clients Payable Rate  40% ____   

Women’s and Children’s items are accepted at In Style only when they are freshly laundered, pressed, in mint condition and brought in on hangers (except sweaters). Two Years or newer.                                                  

Items not accepted by In Style must be picked up within one week or they will be sent to charity.

In Style sets all prices and reserves the right to adjust as necessary, as per promotions or unnoticed flaws.

All items will be kept in the store for three (3) months and will be reduced by twenty-five percent (25%) after the first month. A dollar ($1) per item will be charged for all early returns.

At the end of the three month period, the client is responsible for picking up all unsold items within one week .

All items not picked up will be allocated to various charities.

In Style will not issue phone calls as a reminder. It is sole responsibility of  the client to keep track of their dates.  In Style is not responsible for lost, stolen or missing items.

Cheque or cash will be payable to clients for previous sales at anytime during store hours. In Style reserves the right to change payment policy without notice.

Clients receive 40% of  the FINAL selling price unless items are not prepared as stated above. Clients

 will be charged a prep fee for each item needing store attention, (ex. steam fee .50c per small item, $1 per adult-size item, etc.)

Semi Annual sales in January and July offer all items at a 50% reduction.

It is the responsibility of the client to pick up their cheque or cash within six (6) months of  the last selling item date. This contract will be honoured until client's account has inactivity for a period of six (6) months.

Signature of Client:_____________________________

Thank You for being a client of In Style Consignment Fashions