Qualified Ontario English teachers with 43 years experience. Certified by the Canadian Dyslexic Centre. Qualified in dealing with children who are experiencing behavioral challenges, such as ADHD, stress related and health issues.

  • Tutoring available in the Upper Ottawa Valley and the Pontiac
  • Home schooling
  • Summer schooling
  • Daycare
  • Basic skills schooling
  • Organizational, constructional, creative
  • Reading, writing, research etc.
     Basic Skills Schooling  - Summer Group Program :
  • Developing reading skills through a hands on program
  • Planting their own garden, taking home the produce and flowers
  • Developing skills through journals, scrapbooking, films and library visits
  • Creative development ~ making patio stones, windsocks etc. which
    result in personal pride when taking home their projects.


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